The most shocking decision ever made by any Football Federation worldwide was unleashed on Nigerians by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) late last week when it decided to let go the most successful Nigerian coach in recent times, Samson Siasia.


This decision has fully exposed the hollow-mindedness that the body possesses; their vain quest for selfish glorification at the expense of patriotism has also come to the fore.

When professionalism and merit are thrown out of the window and in their place nepotism, greed and selfishness become the yardstick for recruiting people into our various senior national teams, the country is bound to fail. This is a fact that cannot be contested, it is as solid as saying the sun will rise tomorrow!

A brief look back into history will show that all the period Nigeria (Super Eagles) has ever achieved any form of glory either in the continent or in the globe; it has always been with a coach that had discipline. The lack of it (Discipline) has ensured that Nigeria has gone years without achieving any form of worthwhile glory. Save Yemi Tella (May his gentle soul rest in peace) and Samson Siasia, there is no discipline-instilling coach in this country anymore.

Is it Christian Chukwu? A man that was afraid of his players? A man that lost the right to select his starting team to his Captain? A man that was being controlled like a puppet by the NFA? Definitely not Christian Chukwu! Most definitely not!

Or is it Augustine Eguavoen? A man that could not define his role all through his stay with the team? A man that had (still has anyway) a suspicious vacuum in his tactical depth as far as I am concerned? Hell no!  Maybe Keshi, but definitely Not Eguavoen.

Is it Amodu Shuaibu? A man that could barely gather enough players to play a grade A friendly match in Columbia a few months back? A man that can not list his career achievements in more than two sentences? This is most definitely not the man for the job! And we all know it, so why do we keep deceiving ourselves?

Undoubtedly, the best Nigerian coaches in the last ten years have been Samson Siasia and Yemi Tella, the latter is now deceased leaving only Siasia as the best option for the country.

But the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) obviously has other sinister plans and ideas. They hope to crumble our football, probably they would be thinking to themselves…”If Galadima did not die for not taking us to the last World Cup, why should we be afraid?”

We are currently at the precipice of another woeful and disastrous World Cup qualifying campaign, the signs are boldly written on the wall, in plain English and yet the NFF can’t see. Their eyes are blinded with fat allowances and bonuses.


Awenlimobor Sylvester