THE Football Union of Zimbabwe have scored a first by registering players for a pension fund which is going to be launched soon.


The union is currently embarking on a countrywide campaign to sell the idea which is expected to help players get a comfortable life after retirement.

FUZ secretary-general Paul Gundani said players from Dynamos and Harare City have already started paying their premiums.

"When players retire or when they are forced into early retirement by injuries and other factors they are almost always broke," said Gundani.

"So the idea is to have players get something when they retire and we have come up with a strategy to help them make savings by paying let's say 5% of their basic monthly salaries.

"Players who are active can start enjoying the benefits once they retire at the age of 35-40 years. We are also inviting former players to start paying their premiums now if they are interested but this group will only benefit from their savings when they reach 55 years.

"Clubs at this moment will not contribute anything but in the next phase we are expecting them as employers to contribute a small percentage towards the welfare of their employees.

"Remember this is an industry where employees also deserve benefits just like in any other profession. So our next port of call will be the employers (the clubs).

"After we have reached out to all the Premiership teams we will target all the Division One clubs. We have put measures that when a player moves from one club to the other, he will be able to continue with the scheme."

Leading pensions and employee benefits services provider Comarton Consultants have been appointed as administrators of the scheme.

On Wednesday a number of Shabanie Mine and FC Platinum joined the pension scheme.

Yesterday the FUZ team was in Bulawayo where they were scheduled to meet players from Bantu Rovers, Chicken Inn, Bantu Rovers and Highlanders.