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2009.01.22 17:32:34

The Bad Dream Unfolds!............Bosso does his “thing” yet again

Like a bad dream just waiting to happen, the “technically bereft” one himself, a.k.a Ladan Bosso, has inflicted severe humiliation and shame upon the Nation called Nigeria.

Late coach Yemi Tella would still be writhing in extreme pain inside his grave as his spirit watched the mangling that the “cattle-rearer” has done to his team.

The South African U-20 team just showed how technically bankrupt this fellow called “Bosso” really is.

There had been several clamor from well-meaning Nigerians (yours truly one of them) calling on the Nigerian Football Federation (Another sore point in the Nigerian Soccer ambience) to stop Ladan Bosso from associating with the Yemi Tella (May his gentle soul rest in peace) tutored team. The team had been brought up under the best possible disciplinary environment, they were tactically grounded under the late lecturer and only needed time to emerge as a strong force in the global soccer scene, unfortunately for Nigeria however, the great man departed this world, but more unfortunately for us we let them come under Ladan Bosso.

The team could still have been on course for greatness had the NFF taken pain to ensure that they shield the team from lackluster individuals who still believe football is a game of “race”.

The South African U-20 team made that once-glorious team from Nigeria (surely I am not proud saying this now) look like a hastily assembled secondary school team from one of the interior local Villages in Kebbi state (Apologies to Kebbi State, but I have to ensure the picture is made lucid).

There was perfect incoherence amongst all the departments of the team ( A trademark of Ladan Bosso) and there were a few players that ought to have been strolling on the streets of Kigali rather than being in that team.

Ladan Bosso looked like a helpless fugitive on the sideline, I actually felt sorry for him at a point. Not the pity one shows to an individual in lack or despair, but that you show to one who brags of his illiteracy in public.

Like every other of his kind in the soccer scene (the unfortunate hockey-umpire who thinks he is a soccer coach), his substitutions were very suspicious and smelt of “National quota system”.

For example, I don’t think “Mr. I-should-have-been-fighting-sumo-wrestling” had any business on that pitch (not like any of our demoralized boys did anyway), neither did the goal-scorer himself……..or wait a minute! They all should have been on the pitch of play, but that semi-retarded herdsman just did not know that it was a game of soccer, so he arranged the players like they were set for a game of polo. That must explain why they were scattered on the pitch, unable to connect with each other, and galloping instead of running!.....That really must explain it!

I feel so distraught now, not that we lost the match to our arch-rivals, South Africa or that the NFF did not heed the well intended advise of several Nigerians to drop this man like a bad habit, or that we might not be making it to the World Youth Championship in Egypt BUT the fact that a perfectly good bunch of future glory-getters for Nigeria have been blown up into pieces.

Right now I believe that the team is in a state of shock and disbelief, a terrible thing to do to a good fit.

Tears and vituperations really would not undo the vile done now, it would not even change the scoreline (Had the NFF not been blinded with their selfish intent, none of these would have happened), but it is now time to re-align these boys along the path of Soccer (Yes soccer and not “Dembe”)

They have to be re-educated about the philosophy guiding football, they have to be washed clean of Ladan Bosso’s leisure ride into stagnation. Let us not le these boys rot away like those he took to Canada.


Awenlimobor  Sylvester


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