Football Kenya Federation President Sam Nyamweya is leading a call on his colleagues in Africa to openly dissociate themselves from the recently announced candidature of Jordanian Football Association President for the FIFA elections of June 2015.

Nyamweya, who disclosed that Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, also a Vice President of FIFA has written directly to him, and he was sure, to all fellow FA bosses around the world, stated that the timing of Prince Ali’s entry into the race was wrong.

“For me, Blatter has done wonderfully for Africa”, he said “He had also declared his intention long ago, and we had endorsed it. Was Prince Ali not in the system at the time? Why wait till now to announce his candidature?” Nyamweya wondered.

The FKF had openly responded to the letter from Jordan, stating its loyalty to, and support for a fifth term in office for Sepp Blatter and Nyamweya urged his colleagues in the African continent to be open and do the same.

“We should have nothing to hide. There does not need to be any meetings, any presentations, any lobbying or cajoling. As a continent, we had made our position known and we must not be ashamed to come out and openly express the fact that we are not prepared to change that position”, he concluded.