The biography of the CAF President, Dr Issa Hayatou, is due out very soon. Dr Hayatou, who is marking exactly twenty-six years in office as the custodian of football in Africa today, has granted the rights to the writing of his Biography to UK-based sports media consultant, ‘Tunde Adelakun.

Speaking about it, Adelakun said “this Book is meant to celebrate the achievements of this great man, who has done so much for African football over the years. He is often misread, and people have formed all sorts of opinion about him, but the more I got to know him in the writing of this Book, the more I have come to acknowledge the great work he has done in fighting for Africa, wherever possible”.

Apparently the Book has been in the pipeline for almost two years now, as Adelakun would confirm “Yes, we have been working on the Book since 2012. It has taken quite some time because the President himself is a very busy person and I wanted to make sure that the story of the life of Mr Hayatou is told by Mr Hayatou himself”.

Asked if book critics would love the book, he said, “If anyone is expecting earth-shattering, tabloid front page news from this book, they will be disappointed. We are covering no scandals and no negativity. The Book is aimed at celebrating the man and that is pretty much what it does.

“However, readers who approach the Book with an open mind will find facts – would discover the man Issa Hayatou as he truly is – unassuming and one who is committed to growing Africa and making Africa the best”.

The book, titled “Issa Hayatou – A Life Dedicated to Fighting for the Dignity of Africa” will be a CAF publication, authored by Adelakun, who is also the Director of CAF’s Museum and Hall of Fame; and is expected to be launched very soon in English and French versions. It will then be presented to the general audience of the CAF General Assembly in Sao Paolo on 9 June 2014, after which it would be on sale globally.

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